Stuck in snow…

by Jerry Fuentes | Feb. 14, 2011 | Comments

jotted this down on the back of a parking ticket while trying to dig my car out- these sound like lyrics to me… i just wish i knew what the music sounded like

walking down the block with soaked feet this time of year
my car is so damn cold
it won’t go into gear
it’s stuck in all this snow with no shovel to help clear
to dig this out by hand
is the only option here

if i find a reason to park up here again
i’m not so sure i’ll try
to parallel between your friends
these winter months only make me miss the southern trends
where the women have a way
oh the women have a way

it can build up so fast you can’t even tell
and waiting too long
is bad for your health
so the snow kept falling and clutching at my car
like a mound
and then a mountain
that buried up my heart

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