Happy New Year! – New Video!

by Jerry Fuentes | Dec. 31, 2010 | Comments

I am going to offer a slightly different take on New Year’s this year… Instead of reflecting on the past year, thinking about the ups, the downs, the wacky turns that your life has led, I say forget it. Have a spotless mind as you enter 2011. That’s what I’m doing. Not that 2010 didn’t mean anything cause it did, but I fear we sometimes hold on too long. Yes, it is nice to hold on to things that make you feel good, but if we hold on too tight we might miss more things that could make us feel good, right? For those that are sentimental about things such as New Year’s Eve I apologize. I don’t mean to take the sentiment out of our adherence to the Gregorian calendar we have adopted in the Western World, but at the end of the day (pun intended) we made all this shit up. Seriously, look up calendars in Wikipedia. So as we count down the end of this year CLEAN YOUR SLATE. Make moments that you would want to remember at the end of next year but won’t because they won’t exist anymore, and next year will be another opportunity just like this one is now. What has happened has brought you here, but none of it really matters anymore. BE HERE NOW. This is all you have. Happy New Year.

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